How to make a Father's Day card




Create a special die cut card for Father’s Day.

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Step 1

First die cut 2 gold and 2 cream stars.

Step 2

On both of the gold stars, trim the edge to the first stitch lines and then stick these onto top of the cream stars.

Step 3

Then die cut the word ‘Happy’ out of both cream and gold card.

Step 4

Next, stick the gold letters on top of the cream, slightly to one side so that it creates a showdown effect

Step 5

Cut a piece of backing paper measuring 11.5cm x 17cm. Using a wet glue, attach the word ‘Happy’ in an arch at the top.

Step 6

Next, die cut the words ‘Father’s Day’ out of brown card and the outline out of cream card. Glue the ‘Father’s Day’ on top of the outline.

Step 7

Cut a piece of brown card measuring 12cm x 17.5cm and using double sided tape, stick this onto a ivory 5″ x 7″ card blank.

Step 8

Using double sided tape, stick the backing paper layer on top of the brown layer.

Step 9

Mount the ‘Father’s Day’ wording onto the card using foam pads.

Step 10

Using foam pads, attach the stars to either side of the ‘Father’s Day’ wording.

Step 11

Finally, punch out a few tiny gold stars and glue randomly on to the card.

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